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Spun Smoke, all 380 square feet of it at the corner of Telegraph & 25th Streets in Oakland, California, the city of "Makers." 


What exactly is Spun Smoke? It's a studio of artisanal works, an evolving, revolving project of handmade treasures. Spun Smoke offers a few constants; wood-fired ceramics, hand spun yarn, woven accessories, but it's the possibilities that excite, artist made objects that dance the line between function, decoration, wearable, edible. It's about how we find ways of looking, acting - being creative in all aspects of our lives. I'm constantly reminded that what is valued takes thought, time, patience and an abundance of skill. 


A bit about my background, I'm Patricia Sweetow, founder of Spun Smoke and Patricia Sweetow Gallery. I've been very lucky to work in fine art for most of my adult life. I opened PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY in 1995 working with artists from Europe and the United States. Their artistic approach and means of expression ranged from painting, sculpture, drawing, photography to new media. The gallery’s artists were reviewed in Artforum, Art in America, Art Papers, San Francisco Chronicle, Frieze Contemporary Art & Culture, Flash Art, including an array of international publications as well as blogs. The multifaceted history of the gallery is reflected in many books and catalogs, in appearances at national and international exhibitions as well as art fairs. PSG developed a national and international reputation and still continues with an ongoing arts program.


Spun Smoke falls outside the rigors of a fine art gallery, but it doesn't compromise the demands of creativity. It inhabits a space of multifaceted invention - so flaunt your lifestyle, visit a place of remarkable possibilities. I've made it easy for you to follow PSG and Spun Smoke, each website has a link to the other in our main menu. They may at times overlap, compliment, or contrast with the other, but each is built as a visual guide to information, product and artists - which reminds me, check both sites frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on what's Current and Upcoming, new product and events.


*Have an idea? Send submissions to inquiry@spunsmoke.com



Spun Smoke

2440 Telegraph Ave.

Oakland, California 94612





 HOURS: Spun Smoke will be closed November 29 – December 9

  • Thursday - Saturday  12:00 - 6:00pm
  • or by appointment 


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