Surprise your guests with the rare elegance of felted cushions on mid-century or bench seating, or pair your slice with any surface, wood, glass, leather or fabric. In short, do the unexpected, enhance your preferred style – let your imagination soar with these unique cushions!

Our first selection of Lene Frantzen felted wool seat slices took wing, but a limited number of new hand crafted designs and colors are now available.





Our fleece is sourced from small farms where their legacy for sustaining rare breeds with unique fiber characteristics is core to their mission. Freshly shorn fleece is skirted, vegetable matter removed, gently washed and dried. Fleece may be "picked," carded, spun, plyed and washed again. It’s possible to introduce dye at any stage of the process with varying results in the finished yarn. It’s also commonplace to blend different fibers for complexity, texture, luster, and strength. Employing a variety of techniques, the journey from fleece to remarkably luxurious yarn takes weeks. Some of the fibers we use: rare breed wool’s, alpaca, camel, cashmere, angora, mohair, silk, yak, and bamboo.


The beauty of the artisan's hand is evident in the unique uncompromising individuality of each Spun Smoke design. Our ultimate goal - enjoy the exquisite attributes of our yarn - use it creatively: as accent or trim on a sewn or knitted garment, a special felting project, a hank of yarn around your neck, falling over a bedpost, crafting jewelry, creating art!! Where the spinner’s creativity ends, yours begins!!


Share your projects with us at pictures@spunsmoke.com  - we hope to see where the inspiration of our yarn has taken you!