Darren Cockrell

Darren Cockrell memorialized his father's diesel fuel can with a porcelain slip cast. While rummaging through his father's tools, Darren ran across a small fuel can that reminded him of his childhood, years spent with his father, rebuilding engines, the diesel can always on hand to clean oiled parts. The metal can sat unused for many years until Darren saw possibilities of renewed life in a simple but provocative form.  Now the porcelain gas cans continue to serve a utilitarian purpose, building a platform for other forms, or dividing space in an anagama wood-fired kiln. While the ceramic can is serialized, their surface individuates each with unique characteristics.


Darren Cockrell is a self-taught artist who has been working in clay the past several years. His practice includes functional hand-built as well as sculptural objects. He was recently invited as a resident at Guldagergaard: Intl. Ceramic Research Center, in conjunction with the 2nd European Woodfire Conference, 2014.