With the third Ceramic Art Exhibition at Spun Smoke we are pleased to present Trent Burkett, Porcelain


Exhibition Dates: March 14 - May 2nd

Reception for the Artist: Saturday, March 14th, 3 - 6pm



The title of the exhibition is an obvious reference to the material used in the production of the vessels. The thrown and hand-built objects are derived from what we commonly refer to as "China". Burkett's "China" is decomposed stone that stays close to it's original source, uncontaminated by minerals and impurities, naturally white - Burkett however deliberately contaminates his porcelain with aggregate he collected in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The introduction of the aggregate provides an interesting variable, with bits of iron and mineral leaching from the small stones into the surrounding snowy field. The exterior of the vessels offer another variable, Burkett carves angled facets on the surface, animating the entire vessel. By introduction of the aggregate, facets can be stumbled, or pitted as the knife exposes small stones throughout, adding hiccups to an otherwise  smooth field of white. Glazing and firing are the final act, for those among us who have finish fetishes, this is pure bliss, high fire and high gloss! 


The simplicity and elegance of the porcelain objects cause us to pause, bringing our attention to the reductive form and commitment to function.


Trent Burkett received his MFA in Ceramics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and his MA and BA at Sacramento State University, CA.