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Tony Bellaver - Layered Stories




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October 29 - December 12, 2015

Reception: Saturday, November 7th from 3 - 6pm


Saturday, November 21st at 2pm:

Tony Bellaver presents Alpenglow Fly Rods – The Art and Craft of Fly-Fishing Rods

photo credit: Bob Marshak, Shooting Line Productions 


Tony Bellaver has been backpacking, fly-fishing, and trekking wilderness areas in California and elsewhere for decades. Through his wilderness sojourns he learned respect for the natural world, the impact of human footprints in sensitive and interdependent ecosystems, and gratitude to be a guest in the home of creatures that are thought pests and threats.


Bellaver applied his experience of observing and living in a symbiotic relationship with the natural world in his art practice. His assemblages incorporate topographical maps, exotic wood, abstracted and representational forms. The various materials become constructs of wilderness areas, held in book form, folding out to stories, or layered in vertical folding narratives that can be viewed as a closed or open form. 


As a special treat for those who are avid anglers, Tony Bellaver has agreed to allow Spun Smoke to exhibit his hand crafted fly-fishing rods, nets and reels from his business, Alpenglow. Bellaver studied the craft of fly-fishing rods from regarded masters. Each rod is hand-planed, with a rubbed finish. His rods reflect the same attention to detail that he applies to his studio practice, with one exception, there are very few practitioners of hand-built fly fishing rods.  Do yourself a favor, come and listen to Tony Bellaver, founder of Alpenglow Fly Rods - it will truly be memorable and informative.


Tony Bellaver graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

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