• Weston Teruya receives A + P + I Residency and the Center for Cultural Innovation Grant
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Weston Teruya receives A + P + I Residency and the Center for Cultural Innovation Grant



Weston Teruya is the recipient of Investing in Artists Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation in the Artistic Innovation Category for 2014. The grant is currently supporting a new project in partnership with Patricia Sweetow at Spun Smoke. Weston will be developing a sculptural installation through Spun Smoke's Oakland storefront, to facilitate engagements and connections with other businesses and institutions in the KONO district.

Weston is also the recipient of the inaugural Art + Process + Ideas Residency at Mills College in Oakland.

The Mills College Art Department in partnership with the Mills College Art Museum is excited to announce Art + Process + Ideas (A+P+I), a new artist-in-residence program at Mills College. For their inaugural program the Mills College Art Department & Mills College Art Museum selected 3 artists to spend six months developing new work in their studios on campus. The residency and culminating exhibition at the Art Museum will be a remarkable opportunity to build the project with Spun Smoke and the KONO district community.


September 2015 Spun Smoke will host an exhibition culminating Weston Teruya's months of work in the KONO community... stay tuned!!


Teruya's paper sculptures are reconfiguring symbols forming unexpected meanings. Teruya's drawings tamper with social/political realities, speculating on issues of power, control, visibility, protection and, by contrast, privilege. "I am interested in collecting and collapsing the signals and objects of exclusion, separation and leisure.  These images typically define and reinforce spaces of privilege through the creation of sites of control.  The work is a speculative exercise of sorts.  I am particularly interested in suggesting new fictive configurations which imagine new social possibilities or frustrate present political realities."


WESTON TERUYA was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Weston received his MFA and MA in Visual Criticism from California College of the Arts in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Exhibitions include Intersection for the Arts, Kearny Street Projects, and the diRosa Foundation, Bay Area Now 6, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center and Artadia's 15th Anniversary Exhibition.  Honors include an Irvine Fellow at the Lucas Artist Residency of the Montalvo Arts Center; 2014 Investing in Artists grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation; 2009 Artadia grant; 2009 Oliver Ranch Studio Artist Residency, Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship in the Fine Arts, the San Francisco Foundation; Yesland Prize Finalist, Magic Theatre/Trillium Press, and APAture 2008 Featured Artist. His work was reviewed in Artforum’s “Critic's Picks,” the San Francisco Bay Guardian, ArtnetArtweek, and SF Weekly.


Please join Weston Teruya at the public programs tied to the A+P+I Residency including:

Mills Art Museum: Art + Process + Ideas Residency Exhibition

June 24 - August 30, 2015



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